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Ashewell Medical Group

Patient via text at 8:47 am today: Dr Brown, my eye is very painful for the last 2 days and I think I might have gotten something in it while cutting metal. I was wearing safety glasses.

Dr Brown (I picked up the phone and called, as this seemed concerning): I may have to send you to a specialist but can you come to the office today at your convenience? I will look and see what is going on? I can definitely give you some drops but if there is something more than a scratch I want you to get immediate attention.

Patient comes to office at 11:30 and is seen in 5-10 minutes. I noticed she had two red streaks across the eye and they were radiating from a small black piece of metal! Ouch. We gave the patient antibiotic drops (cipro) for $3.50 from our in-house wholesale pharmacy and called Brosnan Eye Associates. They asked the patient to come over right away.

Dr. Brosnan to the rescue! Dr. Brosnan removed a rusty piece of metal from the patient’s sclera. He agreed that the drops were perfect and he charged the patient $75 which is more than reasonable, it is miraculous! They are wonderful!

EYE EMERGENCY: Today’s visit at Ashewell : $0, Antibiotic Eye Drops: $3.53, Emergency Visit with Ophthalmology at Brosnan Eye Associates: $75. Pt pays a monthly fee at Ashewell of $99 and her care is unlimited. She saw her doc the same day and working together her issue was resolved affordably in a few hours. Direct Primary Care Victory = Patient Victory!