NOW OFFERING Behavioral Health Services

Ashewell Medical Group

Small Business Pricing

We understand the challenge employee healthcare presents to our local smallbusinesses.

Your employees will have unlimited and incomparable healthcare for $99/ month/ employee for 5+ employees and account members.

This includes:

  • Unlimited visits, no copays, no deductibles, no co-insurance
  • Unlimited access to your doc (phone, text, video conference, email)
  • Same day and next day appointments for urgent matters
  • Wholesale medications – 95% less than market value
  • Wholesale labs 
  • In-house procedures: in office testing, EKG, pap smear, IUD removal, cryosurgery etc.
  • Significantly Reduced Prices on local specialty care including GI procedures such as colonoscopy, GYN care, Vision care, Dermatology, Pathology and more!
  • Weight management
  • All preventative care including physical exam

Ashewell provides savings to both employers and employees:

As the employer, you are billed $99/ month per employee, and employee’s household members are welcome to join the account as well.

You cover anywhere from 0-100% of this amount. Many of our businesses choose to use a payroll deduction, allowing employees to contribute 0-100%. We ask each employee to put a method of payment on file for medications and labs, and last month’s fees are added to the first billing cycle.

Healthy employees are the foundation of healthy businesses.

Employee health facilitates employee hiring and retention. The benefit of our care is a game changer for businesses. Your executives/ professionals/ employees will have life changing care and access to exceptional mental health services. Ashewell is so much more than routine primary care. It is an opportunity for personalized growth.

No insurance is needed. 

Exceptional. Convenient. Personalized.