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Ashewell Medical Group

Old School Primary Care for Modern Times…

Ashewell uses an innovative alternative payment model for primary care.

We are focused on service, patient choice, advocacy, stewardship and elimination of fee-for service medicine.

The hallmark of Ashewell is adequate time spent between patient and physician working towards a lasting relationship based on trust.

Ashewell eliminates undesired fee-for-service (FFS) incentives in primary care.

These incentives distort healthcare decision-making by rewarding volume over value. This undermines the trust that supports the patient-provider relationship and rewards expensive and inappropriate testing, referral, and treatment. Our model replaces FFS with a simple flat monthly fee that covers comprehensive primary care services.

At Ashewell, we are committed patient advocates.

While we are uniquely trained to diagnose and treat complex disease in adults, the time we gain as Ashewell providers allows us to focus on prevention of disease, and support the health and wellbeing of our patients. We are focused on bringing more value to the primary care experience without contributing to the financial harm of our patients. Our care is affordable to all, and providing wholesale medications, labs, medical imaging, and mental health services ensures our patients will receive the care they need regardless of insurance.

Ashewell provides high quality of care by focusing on a smaller number of patients.

We ensure seamless communication, access, and affordability. Our Internists have trained at some of the most prestigious programs in the nation, and have over 25 years of combined experience. Our staff is invested in the care provided because our patients are like family. 

Is Ashewell right for me?

We provide more personalized care . Please visit our FAQs page for more details about Ashewell. Have more questions? Reach out.

Benefits of Ashewell

Ashewell offers both internal and family medicine. We are experienced, having practiced for over a combined 30 years. We have expertise in the management, diagnosis and treatment of disease, both complicated and routine.

“Ashewell offers primary care and mental health services in one space focused on your health.”

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