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“My in-depth annual exam with Dr. Bartow helped me to recenter on my health and established an easy path to my doctor when I need care or have questions.”

Cindy K., Asheville

“Our family is healthier and happier as we know we are in excellent hands at Ashewell. I will never be able to thank Will enough... The fact that he checked in with me every day until I was confident enough to manage my meds and glucose monitoring was more than I expected, but will never be forgotten.”

Angela L., Asheville

“We were extremely impressed with care and attention I received and since have received... I will continue to use them as long as I live in North Caroline, they are so worth the drive.”

Mitzi R., Hayesville

Available when you need us.

As a direct primary care patient, same day and highly personalized care from our team is always the norm.

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Wholesale Medication & Labs.

We have negotiated the best prices for labs and medications. We do not take a profit so those savings are passed directly on to our patients.

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Mental Health is Wellness...

Ashewell offers mental health services to its members exclusively...

Mental Health Services

COVID 19 Testing

Ashewell Medical Group is pleased to offer COVID 19 testing to the general public (AGES 14+)

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