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Our monthly fee includes unlimited and unhurried visits and access to our wholesale medications, wholesale labs, wholesale medical imaging, exclusive mental health services including our collaborative care program and much more…

Cost savings

At Ashewell, you will enjoy unlimited visits and communication with your doc, without added expense. Unlimited primary care includes a yearly physical exam, sick and routine visits, and telemedicine.

Medications from Ashewell’s pharmacy are 95% less than retail prices.

Our lab and imaging pricing* is 95% less than retail.

*Pre-negotiated prices may be limited to uninsured patients due to insurance contracts with imaging facilities.

No insurance needed

Ashewell offers affordable primary care to all regardless of whether or not an individual is insured. We encourage patients to have catastrophic insurance for high cost specialty care, branded/specialty medications, surgical care, emergency care, and hospitalizations. We assist patients in utilizing their insurance when beneficial too.

In-house wholesale pharmacy (and mail order)

Having our own pharmacy allows us to order medications at cost and pass the savings along to our members. Some of our patients enjoy this benefit occasionally while others save hundreds or even thousands a month. Check out our pharmacy price list to see if we can help you save money on meds!

Wholesale labs

Pre-negotiated labs are 95% less than retail and significantly below insured rates. A full set of labs** is about $25-30.

** (Complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel, and hemoglobin a1c.)

Pre-negotiated medical imaging/testing

Membership with Ashewell means access to negotiated cash prices within our network of local providers.*

Mental Health Services

Ashewell is a leader in integrative health care. Ashewell members exclusively have access to in-house counseling and a unique collaborative care model for an additional fee, but at a significant savings. At Ashewell there is no line between your physical and mental health. There are no long waits for access to mental health services. All for 1/4 of the price in a specialists office, and all coordinated and overseen by your primary care provider. Call or email for more information…

Pre-negotiated speciality care 

Ashewell members have access to negotiated cash prices within our network of specialists.

Preventative health and Wellness 

You have the power to shape your health and wellness and we have the know how to help you get there. One size does not fit all. We believe disease can be reversed with time, stress management, dietary change, regular exercise, and great sleep. We believe a relationship with a supportive care provider is therapeutic in itself. 

Exceptional. Convenient. Personalized.

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