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Ashewell Medical Group

It has been a great week and I just wanted to say how much we appreciate your support and kind words. ♥️

A lovely patient just came by picked up 3 months of medications and told me that even with her monthly fee of $99/month and her medications she pays less than she did before she was an Ashewell patient for 1 month of just meds!! That is crazy awesome savings.

We met so many new patients this week and after each one I was renewed in our focus to provide high quality affordable primary care.

I was awoken at 2:30 am with a call from a nervous hubby whose adorable wife was vomited from a migraine. I rubbed my eyes and escaped to another room where we discussed for 5 minutes and thankfully got her feeling well enough to get some sleep. When I checked in with them this morning, she was sleeping peacefully and feeling better. Good to reach someone when you need them!

I saw a new patient today who waited patiently to establish. I felt so thankful that she found us. We talked for over an hour and I felt like we made some real progress. Good medicine/care takes time people!! Is anyone in healthcare listening?

One of our business owners came by to say how happy his employees are with our care. That warms our hearts and makes us feel like our hard work is paying off. Special shout out to Kelsey Jones and Sarah Rebecca Nix for making this office so warm and welcoming! ♥️ We want your experience at Ashewell to be renewing.

We are well on our way to hiring a new doctor and we look forward to welcoming your children.

If I could give you all a collective hug I would. Thanks for making my life so rewarding and special. Thank you…

Oh and don’t forget to sign up for our lecture series! What do you want to focus on next time? On Oct. 25 we will be examining Anxiety with several local experts. We want your questions and opinions and hope to provide a welcoming environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their concerns about how anxiety is affecting us today. It is, I know it.