NOW OFFERING Behavioral Health Services

Ashewell Medical Group

At Ashewell, we say no way. That’s why all of these services are billed at cost as a benefit to our patients.

We don’t think that access to your primary care doc should be determined by whether or not you have insurance. We do think everyone should have very high-quality primary care. It is not enough to simply give our patients access to a doctor. If meds are unaffordable, or we choose a subpar medication because the best one costs too much, then this is what I call second-class medicine. At Ashewell, there is no second class of medical care. All of our care is affordable and available to anyone from me, a Board Certified Internist.

Monthly fee – $59-109/month for UNLIMITED CARE

Medications and Labs – Here is a small sample of our medication and lab prices:

Don’t see something you need? Call us for pricing…

Medical Imaging: Xrays – $30-50, CT scans $200-400, MRI $400-600.

Lacerations: included

Cryosurgery – 3+ lesions, $10

Allergy Testing – $115-150, and treatment $115/3 months

Don’t settle, in life, for anything.