NOW OFFERING Behavioral Health Services

Ashewell Medical Group

One of the hardest things to hear in the office is when a patient tells me they have been suffering from something for several years but haven’t been able to get it resolved because of a lack of access to affordable medical care. Many things can be resolved in 1-2 visits and while we see many complicated patients, there is no shortage of simple rashes, issues with blood pressure, mood disorders, dietary intolerance and more that we can tackle without further delay.

A positive of this is that I know opening Ashewell was the right decision. For the price of 2 urgent care visits, we offer a whole year’s worth of unlimited care. When you have something wrong, you speak to someone or see someone who knows you and is invested in getting you better.

People ask me all the time why more doctors don’t practice like us. I tell them that it isn’t easy. I am a solo doc which means I am on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We invested our savings, and built Ashewell from dust literally upon moving to Asheville. We work tirelessly to care for our patients because it is the right thing to do, and this means running our own pharmacy and constantly working to bring savings to our patients and value to our product. It isn’t for everyone, but for some docs, such as myself, Direct Primary Care is the road to happiness and freedom.

If you have questions about signing up, call the office and we will gladly try to help you decide if Ashewell is right for you. If you have read our prior posts you know we care for young and old, sick and well, and no we don’t care if you have a “pre-existing condition.” In fact, we think patients with “pre-existing conditions” should be knocking at our door. You can still join Ashewell if you smoke (people ask me this all the time.) Count on us to try and get you to quit! Often patients save so much on their monthly medications, that it more than pays for their monthly membership fee. ♥️

Chin up Asheville! Not all solutions come from Washington!