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Ashewell Medical Group

“Kelsey, I think I have pneumonia,” the patient explained. “I have a cough, low grade fevers, and just feel awful.”

I walked out of a patient room to find Kelsey waiting patiently to ask me a question. “Dr B., Penelope called and I think she needs to be seen today but we are completely full, can I put her on the schedule during lunch?”

“What is going on?” I asked, and after a brief explanation we added her to the schedule.

An hour later I was examining her, concerned that she was having a COPD exacerbation. She had been hard at work trying to quit smoking, but her granddaughter had brought a viral illness home from school. A few snuggles later and Penelope was feeling the effects of that virus on lungs strained from years of smoking cigarettes. She was indeed looking unlike herself and I recommended a steroid and antibiotic to help improve her oxygenation and wheezing.

When examining her breath sounds I noticed two dark colored lesions or moles which I had never seen before. “Penelope, these need to come off.” She sighed telling me she figured I would say that. I smiled at her, giving her a knowing look. It is hard to explain the ♥️ I have for this patient. She is so kind, thoughtful and honest.

“Can you do that for me?” she asked. I explained I could do two punch biopsies to rule out skin cancer but we would make a follow up appointment, because this would entail a biopsy and stitches. She agreed.

We filled her meds and sent her off wishing her well with instructions to call us if she wasn’t feeling much better in a few days. She scheduled her follow up appointment.

Breakdown of the cost:

Monthly fee based on age: $99

Visit Charge:$0

2 Medications (steroid pack and antibiotic): $8.85

Follow up visit Charge for 2 biopsies: $0

Biopsy: $0

Pathology:$45 per lesion to cover fee to be paid to pathologist

This is what we do at Ashewell. We provide healthCARE ♥️