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Dr. Brown always gives the best advice!

This was a little piece she passed along to help with the pressure of stress. I think it is really useful in trying situations.

“I use this simple breathing technique to restore calm and focus in times of anxiety.

You are going to take three breaths. Focus on taking slow deep breaths in which the exhale is longer than the inhale. (It is really the exhale that slows your heart rate).

The first breath is simply a deep inhale for 4 seconds followed by a deep slow exhale for 6 seconds. When you are doing this, imagine your chest expanding on inhale and deflating on exhale.

On the second breath, you allow all your muscles in your body, head to toes, to relax at the end of your exhale.

On the third breath, you simply ask to yourself as you exhale, “what’s really important?”

I didn’t create this technique but find it effective in times of stress to restore calm and focus.”