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Ashewell Medical Group

Many of you will ask why as a physician I am sharing this? It’s critical of my colleagues and recommendations we make daily.

I am sharing because as physician we must continue to question the prescribing practices and recommendations we make daily. We must be able to conclusively evaluate the data before us and ask ourselves…is this best for my patient?

At Ashewell there is a reason we pass our medication, labs and medical imaging on at cost. There is no markup because we want to de-incentivize our practitioners from reward based prescribing practices.

Your physician is trained to answer your questions but may lack the time to adequately do so. Most of your physicians want to have the time to sit with you and explain the risks and benefits of interventions whether they be medicines or procedural. There are many forces at work here and not all are related to physicians and hospitals making money. Limitations are everywhere in the current medical model. This is the reason we only see 500 patients per physician at Ashewell. Less patients allows for more time per patient and more time for questions, care and nurturing. Wait did I just use the word nurturing? Yes, something we embrace with pride in our office.…