NOW OFFERING Behavioral Health Services

Ashewell Medical Group

Medications at cost, just one benefit of being a patient of Ashewell Medical Group. We have an in-house pharmacy, a key component of Direct Primary Care. Our medications are 95% less than market value. This means savings for you.

Why would a practice run an in-house pharmacy when they don’t make money from its sales? When we were building Ashewell Medical Group as it is today, I too was unsure about adding the pharmacy. Today I see it as essential.

If we just gave you access to affordable care it would not be enough. The cost of medications are astronomical and what good would I be to you if I diagnosed hypertension or hypothyroidism, but couldn’t treat you? What if I recommended medication but couldn’t get labs to monitor its effects on your health? What would be the good of counseling you on the importance screening tests such as mammogram if it cost too much to have?

We include these services because direct primary care attempts to be as comprehensive as possible. We want to remove the barriers that prevent our communities from having preventative care. Now I couldn’t imagine Ashewell without a pharmacy. It makes the care of our patients seamless and for this I am very grateful.