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Ashewell Medical Group

Last week I was teaching the kids to make crepes and while learning to crack eggs, a bit of shell got in the egg yolks and whites. Layla had her fingers in the mix trying to retrieve the small piece of shell, and it inevitably slipped through her small fingers each time she would try to grasp it.

Carly Brown, MD and Nana

“Layla, I want to teach to something,” I said. “Nana,”( what we call my mom), “taught me that the best way to do that is to scoop the little piece of shell with with another piece of shell. I showed her how, picking up a piece of leftover shell, dipping into the egg mix and easily retrieving the tiny chip. She got it, a new tool to add to her arsenal of growing skills. 

It’s a lot easier to get through life with its many challenges when you have the skills to overcome those obstacles. 

Carly Brown, MD and Anna Bartow, MD

Good health CARE isn’t only about getting a prescription in a timely manner for an acute issue. At Ashewell, it’s about developing a relationship with a healthcare team that gives you the tools to navigate this bumpy road. We have learned so much from our patients over the last 5 years about what you all need, and  we try to respond by going beyond writing that prescription. 

Carolyn Cramer, MA and office administrator

How do I cope with stressors? 

How do I eat well to stay healthy? 

How am I going to navigate this complicated diagnosis? 

How am I going to pay for it? 

Why don’t I feel well? 

Why I am I so sad? 

Why does this hurt? 

Why am I not succeeding in my job? 

How do I get through this immense grief? 

Is this tick going to make me sick? 

What is the best way to lose weight? 

Will Powell, FNP

When you want the answer to these questions, we are here. We don’t always know the answer, but we have the skills to help you find it. We do our best to pass on these skills, growing each patient’s ability to swim rough waters when the storm inevitably comes. Skills that you will take with you throughout the rest of your life. 

Kelsey Jones, RN
Good medical care is so much more than blood pressure checks and prescriptions, it’s the opportunity to walk through life with a guide.

Thank you for letting us walk with you…