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If you run a small business, it’s likely you have worried about providing healthcare for your employees. The options are limited, but Ashewell has a solution you may not have considered. If you have less than 50 employees, it may be too costly to provide an ACA compliant plan for your small business. We get it! We are a local small business too! Direct Primary Care believes that your employees should still have access to affordable, high quality, personalized primary care.

Unlimited Primary Care for $79/month

For $79/month/employee that is exactly what we do. We are primary care docs that provide unlimited care without any copays or deductibles to your employees for one low fee per month.

What about meds? Labs? A CT Scan?

But what about if my employee needs a medication? Totally! Ashewell runs a full in-house pharmacy for Ashewell patients only. We dispense medications at cost to our patients because we don’t think docs should make money off the things they prescribe! If your employee needs an antibiotic or a medication for high blood pressure or depression, we can dispense it from our pharmacy at 95% less than retail. This means a 30-day supply of meds at Ashewell is usually anywhere from $1-10. Some companies pay for their employee’s medications, but most ask the employees to pay for medication along with any labs or medical imaging.

But aren’t labs and medical imaging a fortune when you don’t have insurance? Not for an Ashewell patient, because we offer pre-negotiated labs and medical imaging. Our prices are dirt cheap. Check out some of our prices here:

What about my employees’ family members?

What if my employee has a spouse or partner or kid that needs coverage? We offer the corporate rate to the family of your employees at the same low price, $79/employee family member/month. We only care for patients 14 years old and up though. The little ones need to continue seeing their pediatricians. This must all be paid through the company account, but you are welcome to use a payroll deduction to cover this employee expense.

Do I need to sign my life away?

Will we have to sign a contract of some sort? Nope! In the end we are docs doing what we think is right for our community. That means we want you to be happy and we want our community to be healthy. Just call us anytime at 828-477-4077 and we can set your whole business up at Ashewell. You put a card on file, your employees sign up through our convenient web-based enrollment, and you are good to go!

What happens when my employees get sick after hours?

What if my employees have an emergency after hours? Well as an Ashewell patient, they will have access to their primary care doctors 24 hours a day 7 days a week for urgent issues. We email, talk on the phone and even text! We will also guarantee they can see us the same or next business day for urgent matters.

How many employees do I need to qualify for the discount?

Wait, is there a minimum number of employees we need to enroll? Yep! We require 5 employees or employee family members to set up a business account at Ashewell. This volume-based purchase allows us to extend a significant discount.

Where do we sign up?

Sound too good to be true! Well, it isn’t. Ashewell has been doing this since we opened in 2017. We couldn’t be prouder to care for 50 small businesses in Asheville. Please join us!

Yours truly,

Carly Brown, MD

Founder and Medical Director

Ashewell Medical Group