Dr. Brown,

Thank you so much for putting forth your best effort and time to guide me during my sickness. I am humbled by your kindred and servant spirit to do all that you can to not only spend the necessary time with me as a patient, but to advise me in such a thorough manner. I have met few Dr’s in my life who actually care about their patients as you do.   Thank you also for creating Ashewell Medical as it has allowed me to get care far beyond my expectations at an affordable price. I am amazed about how much you take into account all facets of the process for me as a patient, including the financial impact.   What you are doing is ever so needed and I applaud what you are doing.

Thank you again.

Dr. Brown is the most compassionate, knowledgable, and all around best doctor I have ever been blessed with. Any time I am feeling the least bit poorly she and her wonderful staff work to present the best treatment plan, even if it means squeezing me in at the end of the day. I highly recommend joining Ashewell Medical Group for the best care in Asheville. Of course the affordable medicines and membership fees are a big plus too! Thank you, Dr. Brown and staff for your amazing work.

Hands down the best medical care I've ever had in my life.


Dr. Brown is incredible. She's knowledgeable and she cares. Her energy is solar. Kelsey and Sarah round out her team. My 4 kids are my heart and this is where I take them.

From day one until now, with a few visits in between, I’m still in awe at Dr. Brown and her associates’ abilities to make a model like this successful and available to the general population. This is how healthcare should be. Dr. Brown and her staff are wonderful, accepting, down to earth, and most importantly, kind. The prices are unbeatable. I paid NOTHING to have my IUD removed. I was petrified (because I’m a baby) and was met with lighthearted understanding. Dr. Brown was totally transparent about the process which really put my mind at ease. She loves what she does and it is apparent in the way she goes about her practice. Oh, and birth control pills are only $10/month. I LOVE ASHEWELL!